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WITCH Porn Story: "Shadow Night – Chapter 1"

Okay, I know Im famous for dropping my stories like flies but I think this story will last the longest, no doubt. Anyways, this took me a while to write since its pretty long. And, dont forget to review! I dont mind construction criticism at all unless their flames. You all probably know by now that I dont own WITCH other than my original character. Oh, this is based on the television series since Im not fond of the comics.

It was an early morning in Heatherfield and the bright autumn air was still crisp and fresh. The sun had slowly begun to spread its vibrant rays across the city, bathing ever square inch with a golden glow, as the citizens of Heatherfield began to stir from their sleep.

Dont worry, Ellie. Im sure youll love Heatherfield. Harmony said as she drove through the city one last time before she came to halt. But Ellie tried her best to get her mother understand that she was going to make a fool of herself in front of everybody at her new school, but this, unfortunately, was not the case.

Either way, the young girl who was believed to be named Ellie looked through the window to get accurate view of the city she was moving to. While she was fuming inside her internal monologue they had reached the city before the young girl could realize they had reached her new home.

Why, Ellie. Dont be such a grouch. Schools starts tomorrow, youll meet a lot of new people! Harmony chided, as a grin appeared her face hoping to cheer her daughters mood. Ellie heaved a great sigh before she opened the door. She brushed a lock of light blond hair before she took another step.

This is too perfect, isnt it, Valthar? A deep voice rumbled in the abyss. He and his partner were sent to capture a particular human girl to perform a special ritual. Continue reading

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